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King Salmon

Run from July 16 - Dec 16

Fishing King Salmon on the Sacramento River is one of the most popular ocean run seasons in this area. I follow the Salmon as they migrate up the river. I use both Roe and plugs, depending on what they are biting. Salmon season offers some exciting fishing with a killer fight. If you are lucky enough to get one of these amazing fish into the net, I will clean and process all your fish at the end of our day together. My boat is 25 ft. long and fishes up to 6 people comfortably. All you need to bring is a fishing license and a lunch.


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 Trinty steelhead Run from  Oct - March

 Smith Run From Jan - March

Steelhead migrate up the Trinity River starting near the end of October. Trinity is known for multiple hook up's of hard fighting steelhead. The fish range from 6 to 12 lbs. on average. With both native and hatchery fish here,  you are allowed two hatchery fish a day.

The Smith River Steelhead run begins in January. These Steelhead are typically between 10 to 20 lbs. These fish are fresh out of the ocean and wild.  Smith water is Gin clear and these fish are smart. If you get a hook up you will be in for a wild fight. 

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Wild Rainbow Trout

Year round

These Wild Rainbow trout are big, healthy and fun to catch. We average around 20 hook ups a day. To keep up with the most current fishing I study hatches and keep up with the flows to make it an incredible day. The Sacramento River is constantly changing, so I pride myself in the years of hands-on experience I have had, combined with the knowledge I have gained from watching all the elements that predict that day’s fishing. For a full day fly fishing trip I supply all needed equipment and lunch. 





march - May

Striped Bass are very aggressive. They are easy to catch when you are in the right place. We will drift live bait or pull plugs. These fish hit like a freight train. Great entertainment fishing for all ages. You'll experience lots of hook ups, and have a great dinner to go home with. 


LAKE: Trout, Salmon, Bass, German Browns

year round fishing

Coming to Shasta Lake will give you multiple fish species all in one area. Anglers of any age or experience level will be quick to catch on here. Bass Fishing is excellent year round. Peak season Trout and Salmon is from June to August. Peak time for German Browns is November to April, when they move back into the lake from spawning. 



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