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Sacramento River

Wild Rainbow Trout, King Salmon, Steelhead, Striped Bass

The Sacramento River is a year round fishery.  Here, you'll be able to experience incredible year-round trout fishing.  The Sac River also has great migration ocean fish runs. King Salmon, Steelhead, and Striped Bass can be fished here seasonally. 


  • $450 a day for Trout Fly Fishing
  • $200 per person, 4 or more $175 per person for King Salmon Fishing
  • $200 per person (2 person min.) for Trout & Steelhead Fishing
  • $200 per person (3 person min.) for Striped Bass 

Trinity River

Steelhead & King salmon

The Trinity River has great fishing just 40 minutes outside of Redding, and is one of my favorite fisheries. This river produces big numbers of Steelhead. Catching up to 10 - 20 fish a day is not uncommon. Trinity River has multiple put-ins, allowing us to chase the migrations. This River is a true beauty with its snow capped mountains and crisp air. You can also enjoy all of wildlife you will see. Once you fish this river it will be a memorable trip that keeps you coming back year after year. 

Price (2 PERSON maximum)

  • $500 a day

Smith River


Northern CA Smith River gives you one of the most beautiful views while floating through the Giant Redwoods.  These Steelhead are no understatement of the word 'wild'.  Catching one of these majestic fish will test even the most seasoned fisherman.  When you hook one you will be shocked by the strength as the line peels off your reel.  We are able to do multiple drifts in one day.  The Smith River is carved through the National Redwood Forest. The air is crisp and water is crystal clear here.  Once you take a trip down this river you will never get enough!

Price (2 PERSON maximum)

  • $600 a day

Shasta Lake

Trout, Salmon, Bass, German Browns

Shasta Lake is a wonderful fishery that provides year round fishing. Fish species within the lake are varied and abundant. Shasta Lake is great for all levels of outdoorsman, from beginners to experienced fisherman. My boat can accommodate parties up to 6 people. We can start our trip from the boat ramp, or I can pick up and drop off right to your houseboat. 

Price (2 person minimum)

  • 2 people $200 per person
  • 3 or more $175 per person


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