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experienced guide, Fishing these waters for over 20 years

Fishing isn’t just what I do for a living. It’s what I do for fun. After spending the past twenty years fishing in Northern California, I have a lot of experience to share. I’m confident that you’ll catch more fish with me (regardless of your skill level or age) than you would be able to catch on your own. I’m on these rivers and lakes almost every single day, which has given me a true understanding of the behavior and patterns of the local fish. Take my word for it. If you fish with me, we’ll catch some good fish. 

My boats are always meticulously cleaned and organized, and the rods and equipment I use are the best in the industry. I believe in quality and excellence, and that’s what you’ll experience on the boat with me. 

I believe there’s no better way to relax and disconnect from the stresses of life than spending time on the water. It’s a chance to make memories with your friends and family, and escape into the beauty of California. 

Ready to get on the water? 


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