May 29th, 2019

Summer time Trout fishing on the Sac River. Same old story,… Trout fishing’s been great on the Sacramento River. Most of the Trout/Steelhead are done spawning. They will start eating more to bulk back up. I am seeing more then normal king Salmon around for this time of year. Comparing to years in the past. That is good news for the Salmon and Trout. Wild Rainbows like eating Salmon eggs that get kicked out of the nest. Its great protein for the fish. You can expect to catch fish on eggs / small plugs like F-4 flat fish #50 hot shots - silver and gold or black and silver. With the bug hatch we are starting to see pmd’s /caddis and yellow sallies. That will get their attention. We will be on these fish until mid July. Then we will be focusing on the King Salmon. We are booking King Salmon trips now! Book early to save a day(s) on the water. We run 25’ tiller boats with plenty of fishing space and room to walk around. The equipment and rods are well kept and first class to assure you a great trip! We take pride in keeping up with the best G.loomis with Shimano reels . You won’t regret booking with us. I Look forward to our time on the water!

Misty Thompson