June 5th, 2019

THE LOWER SAC RIVER IN REDDING CA , the flows are still at 13,000 cfs with the water being off color. We started at day light to beat the heat in Redding. We started off side drifting eggs in the shallow fast water. With the flows being at what they are it pushes the fish close to the banks where the curent is a bit slower. We did really good untill around 11:00. when it started to really shut off. Then I moved to the deep water where we were back on the fish. There are lots of salmon rolling in some of the deep holes. When these king salmon decide to start dropping eggs the egg bite will get even better. This trout fishing is a must do if you enjoy side drifting eggs. These fish are supper strong and pull hard for there size with none stop action.

REMEMBER KING SALMON OPENS JULY 16TH : The limit is 2 king salmon per person on the Sacramento River . We are going to have lots of salmon for 2019. Don’t miss out on catching bright Crome king salmon in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA on the SAC RIVER.

Misty Thompson