July 6th, 2019




Many days will end this year as this one did when fishing with elite guide Justin Thompson.


Our 2019 King salmon season is just 10 days away and with all the salmon we’re seeing in the ocean this year, this season is undoubtedly going to be the best we’ve seen in several years. Anyone who loves to fish for Sacramento River King salmon, or river salmon in general, needs to pay special attention to whats going on down here in California’s Central Valley in the months ahead. We’re ready and anxious to get our guided trips started and have been looking forward to fishing for salmon on the Sac since it closed in mid December of last year.


Our team of King salmon guides here at Jeff Goodwin Guide Service has been prepping in the off season, and although we’ve had a very busy season fishing for browns, rainbows, and Striped bass all year, we’re ready to go get our clients onto some great salmon fishing! We’ve seen a lot of growth in our business this year and salmon season will be no different. We’ve created a fishing team aimed at providing the most enjoyable experiences for our clients, and one of the most significant ways in which we’ve done so, has been to seek out a few of the friendliest and most knowledgable salmon fishing professionals in our Sacramento River salmon fishing guide community.

I’m fully immersed in my fishing guide business and I’m constantly watching everything, and everyone that has anything to do with the fishing guide industry in my area of operation. I’m a studied business owner and I pay very close attention to who’s doing what on the waters I fish. One of the most important observations I have had to make pertains to who has the most success in this business, both on and off the water. In the fishing guide industry I think you have to possess two very important characteristics. First you must have above average people skills. This means possessing a warm, friendly personality, and having the ability to treat every client with every ounce of respect they deserve. They are paying to have a great day on the water with a professional fishing guide free from disrespect or abrasive behavior. The second most important trait required to be a successful fishing guide is the ability to give your clients the best chance possible at fulfilling their objective of catching fish.

Big bright Sac River Kings like the one pictured will be common sight in Justin boat this season.



After many years of making the aforementioned observations of Sacramento River fishing guides, one of a few full time guides in particular have demonstrated the personal qualities and professionalism I believe are at the top of our field. Justin Thompson is an elite fishing guide in our area, and that can not be disputed. His reputation among his peers and associate fishing guides as being one of the best on the water is known to be unanimous throughout the Central Valley.

For over a year now I have had the opportunity to work closely with Justin and he has been a huge asset to my business when I needed help fishing clients on days that I was already scheduled to fish. Simply put, I feel very fortunate to be working with Justin. I have no questions or reservations about booking him with some of my closest, long term clients. I know Justin will treat them as I would treat them myself and will always work hard to put them on the best fishing available. I often tell my clients that fishing with Justin is nearly the same as fishing with me. We are like minded when it comes to guiding and like all team members should be, we are diverse but I believe compliment one another. Our clients are likely to learn a lot when fishing with Justin because like I said, he is one of the best in the business.


Justin operates a 25’ Alumaweld open jet boat during salmon season and he can easily accommodate (6) guests on our Sacramento River salmon fishing trips. He uses only the best gear and its always in top working condition. His boat is always clean and comfortable and is equipped with all the safety equipment required by the US Coast Guard. His boat, vehicle and all fishing gear is well maintained and ready every day to fish.

Lots of room for your group in Justin boat this year while fishing for Sacramento River King salmon


Take all of the aforementioned information I have provided about Justin and add very high catch rates and you have everything you need to ensure you will have a great day of salmon fishing with him. We’ve booked the majority of our fall salmon season, but there are still some openings if you want to fish with Justin. I’ve earned a reputation in the industry for speaking the truth and providing honest and genuine fishing reports to my followers. When I say that if I were looking for a salmon fishing guide on the Sacramento River, I would book with Justin Thompson. if you haven’t booked your 2019 Sacramento River King salmon fishing trip, trust me when I say Justin should be your first choice. I’ve put my reputation on the line by teaming up with Justin and I’ve done so without hesitation. Give me a call, send me a text, or email me to get your King salmon fishing trip booked with Justin this year. You won’t be disappointed that you did.

Sacramento River King salmon season is just about to kick off! Book your 2019 King salmon trip with us!

written by Jeff Goodwinhttps://www.jeffgoodwinfishing.com/book-a-trip

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